Some of you are going to get all butthurt here, but bear with me. What I’m about to say sounds like I’m writing a mushy love letter to President Trump, but anyone who has read my posts, comments, etc., should know that is about as far from the truth as anything can get.

So let me tell you a little bit about me. My wife and I pull down a decent chunk of change. I won’t tell you exactly, but I will tell you it’s somewhere between $140,000 and $200,000 a year. In other words, we’re pretty comfortable, professional people solidly in the middle class. And we’re white, which helps quite a bit, in ways that I so take for granted that I cannot possibly enumerate them.

Now, there was a chart somewhere out there that tells you just how more much you can expect to see in your paycheck beginning with the next paycheck you get. Well, it’s not an insignificant amount of money. The more you make, the larger this bump in take home pay is. For people in the range I described above, it’s about two and a half percent, or between $145 and $208 per pay period. Yes, you heard that right. Every two weeks (actually, semi-monthly), that’s what we get to do whatever the hell we want with it. Go on vacation, buy a new car, eat out at a really nice restaurant twice more a month, whatever. Because we don’t really need the money, the things I might spend it on, if I were forced to just blow it, is exactly that. Blow it, on stupid shit.

But what I will probably end up doing with that windfall is shoveling it into my Roth 401K. You see, what the Trump tax “reform” is really good for is helping people with money make more money. It’s not going to make health care more affordable, it’s not going to make those nasty potholes you have to dodge on your way to work go away, it’s not going to solve the student loan crisis, it’s not even going to help you get a job, or a better job, or a raise at your current job (no matter what the CEO of Walmart says.). But it will help companies like Walmart make more money, which is good for the stock market. Yes, Wall Street just loves the Trump tax reform, and they say so every day at 4:30 Eastern time. So that’s where the four or five grand or so that we’re getting back this year will probably go, into our retirement accounts. Our Roth retirement accounts, of course, because this is obviously not sustainable (nor is it permanent), and getting to pay 22% now (and nothing at all on whatever profit I make) instead of 25% or 30% later is a really good deal. Hooray for me!

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