I caught the good part of last night’s debate, in which Liz Warren pwned John Delaney, and by extension, the other two centrists who really do appear to be there only to point out what we can’t do.

Being interviewed by Dana Bash is punishment.

How the hell do you get ten people on the stage at a time and still get something coherent? I don’t think you can. Most of the candidates, Warren, Buttigieg, and Sanders in particular, had important things to say that couldn’t be said in 60 seconds. Too bad they didn’t get to say them.


I still say C-span should have an exclusive on these debates, with the DNC having control over who gets to “moderate.” 

There should be no more than five candidates on the stage at one time. If that means doing this four or five times, then so be it.

The seeding for these events should be more like the NCAA basketball tournament. Only one #1 seed per “regional” group. Random was meant with the beat of intentions, but seeding would better accomplish the intention of getting the bottom seeded candidates more chances to shine.

Each candidate should get one question, and three minutes to answer. These questions should be given to the candidates 24 hours in advance. I want well thought out answers, not stump speech boilerplate, stumbling responses pulled from one’s ass, or plain non-answers. The other candidates then get either a 30 second rebuttal or a follow up question each.


Seriously, I find these 10 candidate affairs to be a giant shitshow. Enough already. 

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