If you haven’t noticed, Jeb! (TM) said something stupid about how Americans need to work longer hours for the good of ‘murka, or something like that. Hillary! (TM) has been making quite a bit of hay on that, so Jeb! (TM) has had to “clarify” his stupid-assed remarks, noting that average work weeks are not where they need to be, which is the correct answer, but you usually don’t get to correct your answers after you turn in your exam. He still gets an F.

Anyway, here’s a nifty little chart that the Wall Street Journal provided for our acquiescence:


See? There haven’t been so many part-timers since, uh, Poppy was President. Uh, oops. That was the first chart. Here’s one showing average work hours also going back to 1990. Notice anything?

Jeb! (TM) says we’re still not back to normal, but this chart and the other one shows “normal” to be the glorious go-go 1990s when Hillary! (TM)‘s husband was President. The drop in average work hours dates to, uh, Jeb! (TM)‘s brother’s time in the White House. He’s kind of hoping you won’t notice it was Dubya who caused this, not the current President who’s not on the ballot and who he’s still stupidly running against.

Just so we’re clear...

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