I I do get it. You all don’t really care for Joe Biden. You know what? Even though I have defended the guy, and I do consider myself a fan, I kinda hope he decides to call it a career, drop the mic, and leave the stage.

Why? It’s certainly not because he’s (gasp) a *hugger*! OMG, he hugs women! Kisses them on the head! That perv! Get real. The Republicans got a guy elected who admitted on tape to sexual assault. So strong was the hatred of Hillary Clinton that this didn’t matter.


If we reject Joe Biden because he’s a hugger, it will confirm the worst impressions the right has about the left - that we’re so obsessed with political correctness that it consumes us, clouds our vision, threatens to take the country where most of us do not want to go. That we routinely make the perfect the enemy of the good. That we judge one’s past by the standards of the present with undue harshness.

No, I am against a Biden candidacy for more practical reasons, mainly because he’s OG. in 2008, Barack Obama put him on the ticket because he needed someone who was OG, because he definitely was not. People were talking about his lack of a political resume, and VP Biden filled that hole admirably.


This time around, it’s his OG-ness that gives me the most concern. I am afraid that if he were to be nominated, it would signal to the country that the Democratic Party is clean out of ideas, that we’ve gone with another Walter Mondale that reminds voters more of our past than makes them think of the future. In other words, we’re punting.

I am not ready to punt.

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