Something occurred to me while watching The World Wars on my DVR last night. It's crap.

Yes, just like everything else on the various A&E networks lately, it's poorly researched, missing a whole bunch of stuff, utterly wrong in parts, but lavishly produced, with awesome special effects and not-terrible acting.

For example, in Part Two, no mention at all was made of the Spanish Civil War, which Hitler used as a testing ground for his new army. They also had the German forces attacking the Maginot Line, where in reality, they went through Belgium, bypassing the fortifications on their way to Paris.


Apart from Hitler going to prison to write Mein Kampf, most of the 1920s were also skipped over, including the Spanish Flu epidemic, the 1923 hyperinflation, and the six "golden Twenties" years between the introduction of the Rentenmark and the Depression. I guess those weren't all that important, or at least, didn't produce big explosions for the unwashed masses to go "ooh" and "aah" at.

I have to wonder what other glaring historical inaccuracies are in Part Three, which I might still watch if there's nothing else on TV. I also wonder why, if the History Channel is going to the trouble to produce a three-part extravaganza of a mini-series on the world wars, they couldn't at least get the history part right. It's apparently par for the course for an A&E production in the '10s.

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