One thing I agree with Maxine Waters on is that people in the D.C. area should not feel compelled to make the Trumpistas feel at home. Fuck that. Respect must be earned, and I don’t see where any of those people earned the right to be respected by anyone.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be yelling at them. I think if you merely read Ms. Waters’ statement rather than watching her scream it into a microphone on TV in front of a bunch of angry supporters, you would get quite a different impression of what she said.

I think we can all feel free to call the Trumpistas out on their bullshit, and if we can’t remember that particular person’s bullshit, their boss’ bullshit. In restaurants, in the department stores, and at the gas station (as if any of them drive themselves around D.C.). Never let them forget how terrible they are, the effect they’re having on ordinary people, their boss’ horrible policies, the whole bit. Not for even one day. Make their time in Washington as miserable as possible, even more so than if they were just ordinary unfuckable assholes who couldn’t get laid at Woodstock if they had a Hefty bag of weed with them.


But you can say it in a normal, measured tone of voice. You know, the one you use to explain shit to young children. I think they would hate that more than being yelled at, stories of which they probably trade around the West Wing water cooler while laughing their stupid asses off.

Of course, if I ever see the head cheese, I won’t hesitate to raise my middle finger and scream, “chinga tu madre, motherfucker!” Yeah, John Oliver taught me some new Spanish words that might come in handy.

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