Nobody ever suggested that Stephen Miller couldn’t write a good speech. He, or whoever oi was, gave Donald Trump some very good words to say at Normandy the other day. Pity that were delivered as if it were a taped confession in an enemy prison camp, devoid of any feeling, in that monotone Trump reserves for occasions where his trademark bluster is not appropriate.

From reading some of the propaganda put out by the conservative press, they insist Trump hit it out of the park and halfway to Berlin. “Trump’s Excellent D-Day Speech Captured Soldiers’ Courage” read the headline over at the Washington Examiner, a paper for people who think the Times is too full of liberals.

And then there was this one from The Hill titled “Trump Balanced Etiquette with Charm on United Kingdom Visit.” Barf. I actually read this one. Hurl. I don’t recommend it. Spew. Endless over-the-top flattery from beginning to end. Urk. Pro tip: an already over sweet dish is not improved by adding yet more saccharine. Of course, that's probably how Donnie likes his cake.


I have to wonder what they would have said had Barack Obama delivered the same remarks. Probably something about how easy it is to read from a Teleprompter. This began the question, if reading a speech from a Teleprompter is so damned easy, why does Trump suck so badly at it?

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