So here I am, watching The Handmaid’s Tale, and it looks like Mayday is going to get June to Canada by plane? Just how does anybody expect this cunning plan not to go completely pear shaped?

Set aside, for a moment, that the likelihood that somebody has private access to an AIRCRAFT in Gilead is probably nil. Maybe the pilot is Canadian, and so is the aircraft, doing the sort of smuggling from which Gilead might benefit. Fine. So how in the Hell does the plane go in and out of the place, in an environment pretty much free of any other aircraft, while escaping the notice of the Eyes, who arrive just as the plane starts to move?

As cunning plans go, I don’t think even Baldrick would find it particularly clever. The writers are obviously amateurs. They should be fired.


A proper escape from Alcatraz would, apart from being better planned, involve one or two close encounters, from which the hero escapes by the skin of her teeth, not to mention her resourcefulness and, uh, cunning.

So here’s how I see this going. Either June goes back to the Red Center for more abuse by proxy, followed by childbirth, followed by a one way trip to the Colonies, or a daring rescue of some sort. Since the writers are amateurs and have no idea how to write am adventure story, who knows what’s about to happen next week?

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